Chamber Dryer: The flexible all-rounder.

The chamber dryer is to be recommended if you wish high flexibility, if there is a high diversity of products or sensitive raw material has to be processed.

In order to ensure a smooth production process there is the possibility to assign individual programs to each format. Thanks to the innovative energy management of the NovoTec 5 control the existing tunnel kiln exhaust air can be used efficiently.

Dryer buildings can be delivered conventionally masoned or as pre-fabricated constructions with mineral wool panels. The advantages with pre-fabricated constructions are the fast erection of the chambers, a sealed building and many others.

The continually developed air circulating units used for the ventilation of the drying ware guarantee an even and homogenous distribution of the process air over the complete load.

Due to their intelligent design air circulating units with internal drive can be used in case of conversions in works with limited space by installing them between the dryer and the hall ceiling. The CeramDry air circulating units are equipped with energy-efficient fan blades. If required, the air flow capacity is adapted via frequency converter according to the drying progress. As a result an electric energy saving of up to 30% is possible.