NovoTec 5: A system for success.

A modern drying plant excels on the one hand by excellent mechanical components. On the other hand it convinces by a control and regulation which is clearly structured, user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Our specially developed, powerful software NovoTec 5 totally complies with these requirements. This facilitates the daily use of the dryer for all plant users. Basically a computer with Windows 10 Pro or Windows 7 Professional is the operating platform. The software is a portable application. This means there is no installation routine necessary if you change the computer.

Following highlights characterise NovoTec 5:

  • Clearly arranged user interface with graphical dryer view.
  • Switchable bilingual operator interface (German/English/Spanish/Italian/Polish/Russian). Change of languages possible at any time during operation.
  • Simultaneous and individual regulation of up to 30 drying chambers/drying zones.
  • Max. 999 different drying programs.
  • User access controllable via personal levels.
  • Automatic start of subsequent programs. Subsequent programs can be added to each program, for example for keeping warm the material.
  • Continuous lengthening and compression of the drying program.
  • Input of control element limiting curves for each control element.
  • Export of elapsed drying curves as CSV file to be transferred to MIS systems.
  • Supervision of the communication NovoTec 5.2 – PLC by means of a special watchdog program (PC monitors PLC and PLC monitors PC).
  • Dynamic drying curve: Depending on a reference variable the set value changes. This enables to respond specifically to load changes.
  • Remote maintenance of the drying plant via internet/LAN possible.